Why do I find it so difficult to write?

I’m utterly full of admiration for those who regularly write, especially those who set down their thoughts articulately and regularly. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as though I never write but just that whilst I do so a lot for work, I constantly find myself bursting with much more that I want to set down but without being able to do so. This blog illustrates that big time – it is seriously sparse. Seriously. And yet I find twitter a breeze. I’m drawn to brevity and struggle with longer pieces. It is not as though I totally can’t write lengthier pieces, just that despite feeling that I have lots to say, I struggle to get the words out. This time last year I was struggling on a piece on open access that I’d been invited to write. In the end I got there, and the resultant article has evidently hit the spot judging by the feedback that I’ve received.

Amongst those that have inspired me to try again include Jamie Jauncey. Notifications of the latest of Jamie’s  A Few Kind Words popped regularly into my inbox and would be jumped on almost immediately. Recently he took a break and I realised that I missed the regular two minutes. I met Jamie when I was working in Aberdeen and was inspired by the way in which he talked about writing, particularly writing in a business context. A lot of my writing energy goes into the work stuff. On a personal note, I still harbor a desire to attend one of his residential events and for several years had even gone so far as to add the course dates into my work calendar – to block the time out so that I could sign up and get writing. When it came to it I found that I was afraid. Afraid, I think, of what would be unleashed emotionally – for that is what it feels like, as though I’d be exposing some very deeply buried emotions.

For now, I’ll start back here again in the hope  that I can finally crack the fear, or whatever it is. The next post will probably be a recipe. That feels safe.

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On blogging, tweeting and communicating

This is my second attempt at starting a blog! Today we had one of our “brown bag lunches” in my office where I was joined by our Deputy Librarian and our subject specialists. We discussed various Web2.0 tools available to us, those we use, those which we’ve tried but which haven’t taken off with our customer communities, and those we’d like to use both to communicate with staff and with our researchers and students. We are particularly keen to establish contacts with as many of those who use the library as is possible – we are building a new one and getting feedback on our planning is key to us getting things right! So, watch this space for mini-polls and for opportunities to feed back.

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